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The mental hospital had an average stay of nearly 30 years. Here, a sewing kit, personal grooming kit, toy pistol and bread ration card are all visible.

When patients died, they were buried in nameless graves across the street of the asylum. He also carried several photos of himself and his family Frank C., a World War II veteran from Brooklyn, New York, brought his U. Army uniform, which remains preserved in nearly mint condition.

Read on for more history of mental health institutions from their very crude, often cruel beginnings.It is with difficulty that any thing can be obtained from him except the fact that he has sinned, and that God may forgive him for his sins. at Jackson on February 13th, 1883, finding him suffering Chronic Mania. One of his brothers, is said to have died of brain softening at Hotel Dieu. This man has a ferocious look; he is powerfully built, his muscular system being, very developed [sic]. You want to see if I will tell you what I told you yesterday, heu!? This father says his mothers mind is not quite right. This is this unfortunate mans third attack, the first dating back 7 years. Retreat, where she was detained until her transfer to Jackson, and though the knife is very dull she managed to cut her throat, opening the wind pipe, a small incision of half an inch, and bled to death, from the subcutaneous (2 in number) arteries. Had she done so in the presence of any one, surgical assistance would have saved her. Has attempted to injure others and destroy himself. John Morehiser born Mary Grady, female, white, single (i.e.To most questions asked he answers, If God says so, or if God is willing. When away from home at the Police Jail or Parish Prison for instance, he is quiet & in-offensive. Attempts to kill his mother, speaks & tears things up generally. He seems to be unable to articulate at times evidently says one word for another, as in patients afflicted with certain brain lesions. Dominique Madron, male, white, 27 years, single, native of N. He imagines himself sick, and says that he is gone. Well, I am not crazy, my friend, I just tell you that partner, I am not crazy. He, Dominique, has consulted all the quacks in the city, voudous, etc., and if you tell him that he is not sick, he becomes abusive. The superficial jugular vein on the left was partially severed. The incision was through the skin and partly through the s/cutaneous muscles. James Hawthorne, male, white, native of England, single, 38? Tears his clothing, bites and eats his chair, when strapped down in it. not legally married) native of Ireland, 27 years of age, recommended her commitment to the S-I-A.Jacob Stihl, male, white, aged 23 years, single, a native of Switzerland. He knows not his age; says he is 10/years [sic] of age. His legs so weak, that they will scarcely support him; he falls constantly. Henry Frazier, colored, male, 25 years, single, native of N. He answers rather correctly to questions asked but foolishly. She imagines that her relatives have conspired against her to persecute her, poison her, and even hang her.Recommended his commitment to the State Insane Asylum, on January 3d, 1883, finding him suffering from Melancholy. Complains of his head and has been a sufferer of neuralgia of the head. at Jackson, on February 17th, 1883, finding him suffering Hypochondria. at Jackson, on February 17th, 1883, finding him insane, suffering from Incoherency. Her fright of persecution has caused her to attempt suicide. last evening she managed to steal a dessert table knife from the mess room, in the La.

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The Swiss Consul has written to his home, to find that out*. Left asylum, in statu quo [sic], to go back to his home in Switzerland. Wilhelmina Steinheiser female, white, about 58* years of age, a native of Germany, recommended her commitment to the State Insane Asylum, at Jackson, on February 6, 1883, finding her suffering from Chronic Mania. Her appearance is somewhat suggestive of a disordered mind. & myself refused to send him there finding him suffering from Epilepsy. Unknown woman alias Queen Victoria, white, female, native of Germany? This led me to inquire if she had any husband & children. Was picked up on the streets by Officer Saigouin on Jan 31st/83. [sic] yrs, native of Bayou Boeuf, La., recommended her commitment to the S. He was arrested by a policeman & by him charged with being insane. at Jackson on February 13th, 1883, finding her suffering from Stupidity the result of Epilepsy. Is subject to and has had epileptic fits, having had them several times since her admittance in the work-house (Feby 5th/83) She is stupid, bordering on idiocy. at Jackson, on February 27th/83, finding her suffering from Dementia. She can scarcely stand up or walk, by herself, and is unable to keep up the easiest conversation though she seems to remember well, deeds of her infancy.

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