Wince updating registry values

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One point which is often unknown is that files are processed by wceloader.exe, and it can only install one file at a time. It doesn't mean we cannot have files contained by another .cab, but the contained files will not be installed during the installation of the container The traditional one, and the friendly VS Smart Device Cab project which doesn't require additional coding, but which also relies on the traditional one at low-level.We should install it manually after the container file installation has been completed. Traditionally, the process to create a file was tedious and totally unfriendly.The P2P client programs that were downloaded, installed, used, and examined were for the purpose of research use only.I have asked this question on stack overflow but its probably better suited here.The illustrations throughout this paper are intended to provide a better understanding of the subject being discussed.All of the screenshot images contained in this paper were captured from the Windows XP system in which the research was conducted on.A Cab file is the default setup format for Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices (similar to windows files).

Windows XP is still very current and much of the same information can still be applied to previous versions of Windows.

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In essence, the paper will discuss various types of Registry 'footprints' and delve into examples of what crucial information can be obtained by performing an efficient and effective forensic examination.

Many of the Registry keys that are imperative and relevant to an examination will also be discussed.

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