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The village houses the archaeological site of the ancient fortified city of Medeon.It is situated in the tribal area of Upper Kuči, one of the highland tribes. Medun is an old town and fortress, situated 13 kilometers northeast from Podgorica, Montenegro.The second day you can use to explore the old city, and maybe hop to St Nicholas island (aka Hawaii) or drive to Jaz or Drobni Pjesak beaches.

The tribe (pleme) is one of seven Highland tribes (Vasojevići, Moračani, Rovčani, Bratonožići, Kuči, Piperi and Bjelopavlići).Medeon hosted the Ardiaei king Gentius, his wife Teuta and the rest of his family until they were taken captives by the Roman legions, who effectively ended the independence of Illyria and created the Roman province of Illyricum.Medun was mentioned by Livy (59BC-17AD) as a civitas of the Labeates, an Illyrian tribe which lived around the Lake Skadar, then known as Lacus Labeatis.In the past years however, there have been attempts to improve the city and they are bearing some fruits, as nicer joints have opened up and the unplanned parts of the city look slightly more decent.Despite the efforts to draw in the jet-setters, which included construction of innumerable “luxury” eyesores and charging extortinate prices for overcrowded beaches, they only really worked in the new AMAN resort of Sveti Stefan.

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