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Validating number in asp net

NET, we are fortunate to have Form Validation controls which do an excellent job for us.But, with Regular Expression Validators, Microsoft has only given us a taste of the real power behind this control.Make sure that your database field is big enough to accommodate the entire phone number and extension – at least varchar(25) in our case.

The regular expression is set in the Validation Expression property.

In many situations you need to enter only numeric values in the Textbox.

Here you can see some useful techniques that accept only numbers in the textbox.

The following table summarizes the commonly used syntax constructs for regular expressions: The Custom Validator control allows writing application specific custom validation routines for both the client side and the server side validation.

The client side validation is accomplished through the Client Validation Function property.

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If your field is of type decimal, the error message is displayed. Is there a Data Annotation for integer a thing like [Data Type(Data Type.number)] could be valuable.

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