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Vietnames american dating essay

Why do people from different countries act differently?Some cultural differences are reflected by other cultures.Religions include Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Roman Catholicism, Cao Dai (a mixture of aspects of Roman Catholicism and various Asian religions), Hoa Hao (a Vietnamese offshoot of Buddhism), Islam, Protestantism, and animism.Most Vietnamese practice the mutually compatible religions of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.After 29 years of soul-searching, I felt like my heritage was the decisive beam of a lighthouse.But in Mexico, my American privilege peeks out from under the “chino” umbrella that claims me.We don’t see many other Asians out in these streets of this coastal Mexican town.

Greeting and eating, the most experiences that I have learned, are two main points of contrast between Americans and Vietnamese culture.Below is a sample of some recently completed Certificate projects.Home FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions Program Requirements Current Courses Faculty Student Projects Events & Activities Calendar Recent Announcements & Opportunities Archive of Annual Activities Internet Links & Resources Study Abroad Information East Asian Languages & Cultures Program Five College APA Studies Asian Arts & Culture Program International Programs Office Center for Multicultural Advancement & Student Success Diversity Matters Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center Completing the Asian & Asian American Studies Certificate was one of my favorite experiences as an UMass student.For instance, when the younger persons come to visit a family, they show their respect by greeting the eldest person in the family first.In contrast, Americans are friendly, and they usually greet whoever they see.

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--[After graduating], I've been student teaching and have made meaningful strides in incorporating content that includes multiple voices and perspectives for students to be exposed to.

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