Apolo ohno dating life

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Apolo ohno dating life

JR’s been training with him on and off since he was 15, and actively since he was 17.He’d seen Apolo when he was fully focused on a race.

16 years of talking himself up for competitions, of believing in himself when no one else seemed too, of making comeback after comeback, of ignoring haters and the snide comments in the press, all have led to a certain unrelenting self-confidence. Anyone who subscribes to his twitter feed can clearly see that.

Apolo states himself that it is really hard to find time for dating and he does not even remember when was the last time that he has gone on a date with someone, because the show takes up all of his time, so Apolo Ohno girlfriend will not exist for the near future, or at least it looks like this.

It appears that there are people who think that his partner of the project should become Apolo Ohno girlfriend because they suit each other and there were some rumors that there is something going on between them, but these were only rumors and he is really single and on the market for women to grab him.

“I love what I do, I love competition, I love training. “Having them in my backyard is unbelievable,” he said.

After Vancouver, though, his future in the sport is open to debate.

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Somehow he is not successful on the dating market and he does not manage to find a person that he could share his life with.

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