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Validating scanner profiles

The Spring Framework is a lightweight solution and a potential one-stop-shop for building your enterprise-ready applications.

However, Spring is modular, allowing you to use only those parts that you need, without having to bring in the rest.

Typical Workflow » Scan guests' documents and transfer their data fast and error free to your Property Management System.

Starting with a mouseclick to scan your clients document, Passport Scan reads your guests personal information, including the photograph.

You can use the Io C container, with any web framework on top, but you can also use only the Hibernate integration code or the JDBC abstraction layer.

Now with a second mouseclick the relevant data is sent to the guest profile.Capture guests' ID for immediate integration into your PMS (Property Management System), CRM or database.Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to scan passports and other identification documents in seconds.After dealing with a number of QSA auditors, we found Security Metrics offered the most helpful and practical PCI advisement.We are delighted to work with them as we continue to strengthen our PCI environment.

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In your integration layer (such as the data access layer), some dependencies on the data access technology and the Spring libraries will exist.