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In an effort to remove Travellers from the road during the 1960’s, “halting sites” were built for the relocation of Traveller families.

Though many still live in sites today, the economic prosperity during the era of the Celtic Tiger in the 1990’s gave some Travellers enough upward mobility to move on into independent houses.

Constituting less than 1% of the Irish population, the suicide rate among Travellers in Ireland is now seven times higher than that of non-Traveller Irish citizens.

Travellers are highly family orientated, often marrying young and having large families.

It is thought that there are around 30,000 people living here who are members of the Travelling community, representing 0.6% of the total population.

But a lack of documentary evidence on their history meant the origin of Irish Travellers was not clear, and the subject of debate.

Previously it had been thought that Travellers had become displaced between 18 as a result of the Great Famine.

The study also found that genetically Travellers are closely connected to Irish settled people, scotching theories that they descended from other population groups including European Roma gypsies.

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A study of Irish Traveller genetics has revealed for the first time that they split socially from the settled population here much earlier than thought.

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